Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to join MaxYourGrowth ?

Yes, it is completely free to join. While upgrading is required to view materials in their complete form or to contact others, as a free member you can be contacted by others, reply them and make money from introducing others according to a compensation plan that pays until the ninth level.

Can i have multiple accounts ?

Every person should have only one account, multiple accounts on the same computer are allowed so more people can join like for example a family or a community.

Is this a fast way to make money ?

No, not at all as it requires time and effort. Here you can show your banner for FREE to all your downline.

When will i get paid ?

When you reach the minimum of 20$.

How my privacy is protected here according to GDPR ?

At this time we don't use cookies, if you agree to have an account here then every information about you will be stored. You can even delete your account automatically so everything about you will be deleted.

How do i register as an author ?

You have to create a normal account and then you should contact us to be enabled to publish your materials. You must be introduced by someone otherwise contact us.

Will i get paid to publish here ?

No, but you'll be the owner of the material you submitted with the right to get it removed, no questions asked. You can embed links or your contact details at the end of the material you submit. Contact us for more infos.

I have questions that haven't been replied here.

Then you are very welcome to contact us.

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